Our story

Our story

An axolotl is an amphibian with very unique traits: they reach adulthood without undergoing metamorphosis and have the ability to regenerate. A great metaphor for what AXOLOTL Network tries to achieve: keeping organizations forever young and agile by onboarding and contributing to the development of young professionals.

AXOLOTL Network was founded by Endymion Struijs (founder of ENDYMION Amsterdam) and Stijn Huijsmans (founder of GrowthBusters). It’s increasingly hard for companies to find, attract and retain (future) talent. In addition, students experience barriers when trying to find relevant working experience and professional development through coaching and training.

Our mission is “Driving regeneration AXL”: contributing to the development of the next generation of professionals. We offer students and companies our AXL Traineeship as a Service.

as a service

Bridging the gap between high-potential
students and the labour market

For students

  • Relevant and well-paid side job
  • Prepare for your professional future
  • Independent professional guidance
  • Flexible working hours in combination with your studies
  • Access to Axolotl Network

For companies

  • Access to top talent at a fair price
  • Connect to highly educated students at an early stage
  • Investing in sustainable professional development leads to higher retention
  • Cost efficient scalability
  • Invest in sustainable growth

For Students

Axolotl AXOLOTL Network offers, to selected hand-picked high-potential students, a traineeship (“AXL Traineeship”) taloired to the student’s individual situation and long-term career ambitions. 

An AXL Trainee is:

  • interceded into a, long-term career relevant, flexible job at one or more employers,
  • counselled on study progress and job performance and
  • trained on personal effectiveness.

Students who have successfully completed the AXL Traineeship and their Master studies will reach pole position when entering the (full-time) labour market and will leverage on AXOLOTL Network’s relationships with partners in a.o., but not limited to high-end: Consulting, Banking, Audit, FinTech, Tax & Legal.   

For Students

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Find out what our AXL Trainees have to say about us

Noah Beukeboom (2e jaars Rechtsgeleerdheid en 3e jaars Business Economics aan de UvA)
Noah Beukeboom

In addition to my two bachelors, I was looking for a part-time job that would allow me to combine my study with working, but also matched my interests. Thanks to AXOLOTL Network this has succeeded. The strength of AXOLOTL Network lies in their motto that the development of the student is their main goal. This motivates me to keep working hard, because I enjoy what I do and and it’s a great way to gain work working experience.

Erik van Vliet (3e jaars Bedrijfskunde aan de UvA)-1
Erik van Vliet

AXOLOTL Network is not 'just' a recruitment agency that links students to employers. A lot of attention is paid to the personal development of students. For example, they ask for your list of grades in order to guide and counsel you during your studies, so that you don’t fall behind on your studies. in addition they schedule evaluation interviews to see if you are still challenged and get enough opportunities to develop yourself during the job. Because of the large network of AXOLOTL Network I succeeded to find a job that matches my studies and interests and where I can learn a lot.

George Kelada (2e jaars Business Administration aan de UvA)
George Kelada

As a student it is important for me to have relevant work experience in addition to my studies to develop myself as an individual. When AXOLOTL Network contacted me via LinkedIn I was positively surprised. After the introductory conversation I found out that AXOLOTL Network and myself shared the same ideas about prioritizing the development of the students. They helped me with finding a study related job. Because of the flexibility I can combine my study with the job. I am excited and very happy with this opportunity!

Juliette Talan (3e jaars Business Administration aan de UvA)
Juliette Talan

I was approached by AXOLOTL Network on LinkedIn while studying for my minor in Singapore. When I got back to the Netherlands I had an introductory meeting, which was very interesting and it got me excited. In addition to my studies, I was looking for a job that was very flexible and would match my interests and study background. Because of AXOLOTL’s large network I was able to find a job within a week!

Gertjan van de Beek (Msc Accountancy & Control aan de UvA)
Gertjan van de Geest

The fact that Axolotl Network specifically focuses on providing work experience to students, where the number of hours you work is very flexible, got me really excited. After my first job interview I immediately got hired. The advantage of getting hired through AXOLOTL Network is that their client base also thinks along with the students from their perspective. Besides the business aspect, AXOLOTL Network occasionally organizes (social) activities for students to develop their skills and get to know other Trainees.

For Companies

AXOLOTL (“AXL”) Network offers businesses the opportunity to join, as a partner,  our network of hand-picked Bachelor and Master students who are carefully selected, counselled on study progress and job performance and trained on personal effectiveness in our AXL Trainee Program.

Our trainees are on a flexible contract, directly employed by you as our partner. They work on site as a full member of your staff, which is the first step towards a potential long term relationship.

If you share our ambition of developing the next generation of professionals:

Join, as a partner, our network of ambitious Bachelor or Master students. And indulge yourself, as a company, with smart, young, fresh, eager and flexible workforces!

 For additional information, please download our brochure.

For Companies

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